D-Quest Helpline Features

D-Quest Helpline, a third party hotline system, has started its operation on October, 2003 and has been used in over 500 companies.
In May 2014, the [Global Service] has started its’ operation and D-Quest is now able to receive reports from all over the world.
In September 2015, [Mental Healthcare Service] has been added to provide a mental care for those employees with mental problems.
We are providing a comprehensive reporting service to our clients.

Interactive communication is available for anonymous call. We can receive international phone call in multi languages. We are available for 24 hours. We offer this reporting service in web, telephone and letters. Provide state-of-art internet security.

If you are having these problems, we Helpline can help you.

Receiving Domestic Reporting Interested in installing effective system for governance Receiving Overseas Reporting Interested in receiving reports from overseas subsidiaries.