Q1.How do I know whether a company I work for is signed up with this helpline services?

A.It is usually informed through company’s in-house internet system or company’s own magazine to all employees. Please contact general administration department or compliance department of your company as it is required.

Q2.How can I use hotline when I want to report?

A.To use our helpline on internet, access to exclusive website and type in ID and password through your PC or smartphone. Go to [Hotline New Signup] page and type in your report in a column provided. For telephone, use our free of charge phone number (PHS and smartphone are acceptable). D-Quest operator will ask you three digit code number and name of your company, the operator will proceed to listen to your case. For post mail hotline, fill in the form provided with your reporting and put it in envelope addressed to D-Quest helpline. If you wish to remain anonymous using telephone or post mail systems, D-Quest will report to a person in charge of a company without your own name.

Q3.Can I report anything I want to report?

A.Please refer to your company’s manuals or provisions on subjects. If you have questions, please ask your general administration department or a compliance department. Slandering other people are unethical acts, please prohibits.

Q4.Can you really keep anonymity?

A.Internet hotline uses systems unable to locate an informant with very high security to protect its’ confidentiality with encryption technology and original password. Also, the system is designed not to accumulate access logs(stored data of PC IP address contacted to our server), therefore, it is impossible to identify the informant. If you wish to be anonymous on phone or post mail hotline, we do not ask informant’s name.

Q5.If I use company PC to report, would that make possible to locate informant?

A.Our internet helpline system is built with system that no informant will be able to locate as described under Q4. However, if your/informant PC is installed with special software to monitor its usage, it may have a risk that would be able to locate informant possible, but not our helpline system itself. Therefore, if you are not certain or do not understand your company policy on systems and securities, we recommend that you access us thru your personal PC including your personal phone/smartphone.

Q6.Could I report under my own name?

A.Yes, you can report using your own name on web, telephone and mail. On internet, you can fill in the form provided under [Report your own name] voluntarily with your name, department, and how to contact you. For example, you could have start your first report being anonymous, but if you want to tell your name after corresponding with a person in charge in a company a while, it is perfectly possible to do so.

Q7.How can I found out status of my reporting?

A.In case of internet hotline, [reporting number] is generated randomly for each reporting and with the number, you can learn the status of your reporting at the company or correspond on the information with the person in charge at the company. For telephone and mail hotline, the company will get back to us as it requires. Our operator will convey the status to informant by the method specified (telephone or post mail) by informant.

Q8.Does a recipient(a person in charge in company) will ever contact informant directly?

A.If an informant informs his/her contact information to a person in charge in a company under his/her free will, there will be a possibilities that informant may get contacted by a specified method.

Q9.Is there a possibilities that D-Quest will contact informant?

A.D-Quest will never contact an informant on internet hotline. However, with phone or post mail hotline, D-Quest may contact informant to convey questions or replies from the company upon informant request. (If you report with your own name, there may be possibilities that the person in charge from the company may contact informant directly.)

Q10.What kind of company D-Quest is?

A.We provide risk management services to corporations. Please see [About us] on our website.