Securing confidentiality of information

D-Quest Helpline internet system provides safe environment to informant with highest protection of their anonymity and confidentiality with the following six security measures.

1.Common ID and Password are issued for each company.

An ID and password are issued for each company. It is impossible to identify an informant with only corporate ID and password. Helpline reporting system starts by accessing to a log in page of your company in our website with common ID and password.

2.One time password

This is a password issued only once to an informant for him/her to receive messages, asking questions, and to get its’ progress report from the company. This number is good for only once and will be deleted from the system automatically. The company could not get back into the system for inputting their official reply without the most recent password.

3.Helpline number (Identification number for helpline message)

When a helpline message is entered, our system produces line of characters randomly and informs informant the characters as an identification number that no third party could decode. With this number, it enables continuous information exchanges.

4.SSL Security

Our system uses SSL(Secure Socket Layer), highly reliable system in internet, to encrypt a messages between informant and receiver.

5.None registered log data

On internet communication, the log data stored in a server are not usually stored in our system. Therefore, it is impossible to specify the informant by using IP information or cash data.

6.Duration of stored helpline data.

After 30 days from helpline is reported and registered, the details of the helpline data is automatically deleted from the server to prevent any risk of information leakage by invalid access.

7.Solid security with major communication company data center.

The server is operated 24 hours 365 days under manual surveillance of solid IDC facility and its rigid entry process management to insure its security

Other security measures

Telephone and post mail services of D-Quest Helpline have taken the following security measures

  • A person in charge of the company will submit a Business Operation Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Provide comprehensive training to a person in charge of helpline prior setting system up as well as providing periodical training.
  • Organize and execution management and operational manual
  • A dedicated telephone operator is permanently stationed at Helpline telephone center.

Confidential Agreement

Upon conclusion of Business Consignment Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement, D-Quest will assume total responsibility of its’ confidentiality of the information gained from helpline.