About D-Quest Helpline

It is preferable to have helpline system, if possible, could report in both anonymous and one’s real name to get more information of the site. If the helpline system is set up with only one’s real name, an employee is deterred from reporting due to fear of repercussion. As a result, the problems at workplace is neglected and it will get worsen to the point of no return.

Helpline system D-Quest offers is a [Complete anonymous hotline system] enables informant and a telephone operator to communicate interactively even anonymous call.
With this system, employees could report on starting information in workplace with ease and a company could collect information on misconducts with no time loss and extensively that could lead to prevention and early detection of misconducts.

Since October 2003, D-Quest Helpline has been used by helpline operators of over 500 companies throughout Japan. In 2009, English and Chinese version has been added as a standard service. As part of our global services, we are now able to communicate with a local employee in their own language at client’s local offices in overseas from May of 2014.
This global services includes providing advices to clients on local culture, business culture as well as how to screen a personal information against personal information protection act at each country by a local lawyer.
In September of 2015, we have started a service called [Mental Healthcare Services] to be a comprehensive helpline service provider.