Domestic Helpline System

Domestic Helpline System: Five major strengths.

1.Third party outside helpline system with proven results in 500 companies.

D-Quest Third party outside helpline system has started its service in October 2003 and has been successfully installed in over 500 companies. This is the helpline system that meet your needs.

2.You have an option to report being anonymous or use your own name. It is possible for you to communicate with a concerned department at your company even you are reporting under anonymous.

One of the demerit of anonymous call for informant is that it is unable to ask questions or to give advise to the informant from the company. On the other hand, the demerit of reporting under your own name is that it brings fear that he/she would be disadvantaged by being located and that would deter them from reporting.

So, there will be an ideal helpline system if we could eliminate demerits of both types of call. That is what D-Quest Helpline system is. The results are as follows.

  • It made informant easy to report without a fear of being found out who the informant is.
  • It is possible for anonymous informant to receive advise or suggestions for improvements from a department of the company.
  • It is possible to receive a report from informant using their own name.


3.Long operating hours

There is limited access in in-house hotline operating hours. It is usually available between 9 a.m. to 18 p.m. during business hours of their own department. An in-house hotline is limited for use while the employee (informant) is on the job.

However, the hours are so inconvenient for employee to make a report, they prefer to report after business hours is over. Taking those into consideration, our is hotline available as follows:

Internet helpline
365 days, 24 hours
Telephone helpline
(free call)
Monday thru Friday from 1p.m. to 9p.m.(JST)
For English & Chinese, Tuesday & Thursday only.
For Korean, Wednesday only.

See details

4:State of art security system

Since this is an outside hotline business with highly sensitive information, it is required to have highest securities measures possible. We have taken the followings measures -

  • Conclude with Confidential Agreement.
  • Highly secured internet system.
  • Generate password with our original process.
  • Apply SSL encrypted message.
  • 24 hours monitoring for our dedicated server.
  • Encrypted program.
  • Submit a pledge on fair business execution and classified information.
  • Provide a thorough training to hotline operator. ( Prior and Regularly)
  • To maintain and execute a management provision and a manual.
  • A full time supervisor is permanently stationed at exclusive Helpline operation room.

5:Able to receive calls in multiple language

In the last few years, there are many companies have developed their businesses in overseas and we are offering our helpline in multiple languages from 2009 to meet the customer demand. Our internet helpline service is available not only in Japanese but also in English, Chinese and Korean. It is free of charge to use these sites when you have contract with D-Quest Helpline.

If you require the helpline in another language, please consult with us first. It is a very effective system for local employees in your overseas subsidiary or, a foreign employees who speaks foreign language as mother tongue in your offices in Japan.

For details of internet helpline
For details of telephone helpline
For details of postal service helpline

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Consulting Service

The services listed below are available when you sign up with helpline service.

1. Set Up Assistance

  • Draw out regulations
  • Execute setting up training
  • Execute practical training for operator

2. Operational Support

  • Organize operational system
  • Provide advice on how to receive reporting

3. Monitoring

  • We send out free Monthly reports with number of reports and other related activities of the month to every corporate client
  • Provide advice on security and give support for building survey tally system

4. Analysis, Action

  • Account Analysis on a case
  • In-house research on a case
  • Provide support making anti recurrence plan
  • Provide support on PR of misconducts
  • Provide advice on tally and analysis on survey