Domestic hotline, Communication methods

Internet helpline

This is a service that informant can report from PC and smart phone. Please access to our exclusive client website and can report from an informant only page. We send out a report on every report confirming mail to a person in charge in a company and possible to confirm the contents from the website.

We issue a number for every reporting to an informant and with this number, it is possible to exchange information and communicate with anonymous informant.

Main services

MethodLog in to your company exclusive website and type in your messages in the reporting page for informant. All smartphones and other devices with 128BitSSL from docomo, au, SoftBank are acceptable.
Hours24 hours, 365 days
ConfirmationSend out a confirmation mail to a person in charge on every report. Open the website where you could confirm the contents of reporting.
Anonymous・Your nameEither. (It is Informants' choice)
Features1. It is possible to ask questions or to let informant know the replies from company under anonymous call. It is interactive yet it’s anonymous. It ensures high security to informant and results increase in reporting cases.

2. Exclusive hotline only program. It’s exclusive highly secured hotline system. This is not an e-mail system for receiving and sending out messages. It is a user friendly interface for hotline managers (Exclusive hotline page. A dedicated page for all messages, contents can be downloaded with CSV.)

3. Reasonably priced. Our low price is achieved with ASP program.

4. Submit monthly report.

5. Auto sum function on helpline system comes as standard function.

6. High security is realized.
 ・Generate password with original process.
 ・Employed 128bitSSL encryption communication
 ・24 hour security surveillance with dedicated server.
 ・Encrypted program

7. Other than Japanese, English and Chinese websites are available


Telephone helpline

This is a service where informant can report using our toll free phone system. (This toll free phone system could be used with PHS or smartphone. ) Our helpline operators are specially trained experts as industrial counselor and psychological counseling. Business hours are from 13:00 to 21:00(JST) Monday thru Friday. Tuesday and Thursday are for English and Chinese. We issue an ID number to each report to every informant, with this ID number, it would be possible to exchange information with the informer even it’s an anonymous call. We use completely isolated exclusive room to receive calls. Our operators are certified industrial counselors who are experts in dealing with informants.

Main service

MethodFree of charge phone (including smartphone and PHS)
HoursMonday thru Friday 13:00 to 21:00 (For English and Chinese, Tuesday and Thursday). Reporting should be within 1 hour.
Report to managerOur operator will input the form on the website. A manager of your company can read it thru own website.
Anonymous・Your nameEither. (It is Informants' choice)
FeaturesExperienced operators will listen to an informant about a case with understanding of your feeling. In some cases, an informant doesn’t want to continue to report the case to the company after being calmed by talking to our operator. If it is troublesome to type or to write, you can call us free with our special number. It will reduce costs for setting up an exclusive room or hiring special personnel.


Post mail helpline

This is the service to use our special printed form and send it to us thru postal service. For those who wish to be anonymous, we report a case to a company without a name.

Main services

MethodFill in our form and send it in our envelop via registered mail.
Business hours24 hours, 365 days. Japanese, English, Chinese.
Reporting to a managerOperator will fill in the form on the website. A manager can read it thru their exclusive website.
Anonymous・Your nameEither. (It is Informants' choice)
FeaturesD-Quest will provide the form. For those who doesn’t want to use phone or does not wish to talk to our operator or fill in on our website, just fill in the form and mail it to us.