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We support sound and sustainable corporate activity.
Risk Management for Stakeholders

We started the D-Quest Group (DQG) in April of the year 2000* as a new entity focused on managing risks for people and organizations to prepare for the upcoming twenty-first century. We did this because we believe that the thing companies in this new century need most is compliance management, supported in turn by sound and sustainable management. As a consulting firm specializing in human risk management, which is becoming increasingly important in an international society, DQG provides high-quality data, systems, training, and know-how that contribute to improving enterprise value.
* Our company was founded in July 1987 as an investigation company.


As a consulting firm in the field of human risk management, we contribute to the preservation and development of law-abiding companies around the world


Always seek to innovate as a pioneer in human risk management.
Maintain a global perspective, build a global network, and provide global services.
Achieve breakthroughs in corporate governance and generate new value.


Use the Three Ds to revolutionize awareness of corporate governance and improve the lives of all stakeholders.

Build a global network and
provide high-value information
for the world's future.
Allocate experts in law,
accounting, and investigation
and offer innovative services.
Defend from attacks and
provide the best solutions
for managing human risk.
Structure of DQG
DQG Operations
Both our domestic and overseas investigations
have been highly rated by many of our clients
A pioneer in whistleblowing system within Japan and a leader in global reporting services
Whistleblowing System
The DQ Helpline we offer is a third-party whistleblowing hotline system of the type recommended by the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan. Early on, we built a whistleblowing service network that covers the entire planet, both within Japan and foreign countries. Over 1,600 companies have used this service to date.
The Japanese office of the ACFE, an expert anti-fraud training organization with over 85,000 members in about 200 branches around the world
[ACFE JAPAN] Anti-Fraud Training
The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) offers world-class training related to anti-fraud. In April 2005, DQG entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with the ACFE and launched ACFE JAPAN.
Japan's only investigative organization to be certified by The only ACFE-certified Investigative agency in Japan
We offer comprehensive investigations of individuals and organizations, including the Background checks and Due Diligence Services researches and Investigations
that are indispensable for enhancing compliance. Our greatest strength is our ability to conduct investigations on an international scale through the DQG global network. We also offer a wide range of research services, such as competitor research and Counterfeit Products Check,Services.
One-stop I.P. research by trademark experts using a trademark database that facilitates highly difficult investigations
I.P. Research
Our experienced investigators utilize the InterMark database (which makes even difficult research possible) and other resources to provide fast and high-quality research into design trademarks, trademark usage investigations that other companies simply can't replicate, global investigations that leverage the DQG global network, and other research related to intellectual property.
Our global strategy marches on with DQ Europe, a DQG subsidiary
DQG's concept of global strategy
DQG is extending the concept of “Risk Management for Stakeholders” to the rest of the world. This began with the founding of subsidiary DQ Europe in October 2018 in the German city of Frankfurt. Moving forward, we aim to continue expanding into Asia and the United States as we deliver DQG's know-how to the rest of the world and provide the high-level services that only we can.
Strengths of DQG

History and
DQG's history has gone hand-in-hand with the advancement of fraud-risk prevention in Japan.
D-Quest, the core company of the group, got its start in the year 2000. Starting off with risk investigations related to people and organizations, we eventually developed and released our whistleblowing system in 2003.
Nowadays, third-party whistleblowing systems are widely known, but at the time it was a very novel concept.
In October 2004, we acquired exclusive licensing rights for Japan from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the world's largest organization for training experts in anti-fraud, and the following April we launched ACFE JAPAN. This was the start of Japan's first comprehensive program for anti-fraud training.
In light of the current globalization taking place in Japan and the need for corporate management as well as the sustainable operation exemplified by the Sustainable Development Goals and investments in environmental, social, and governance, we firmly believe that the organizational and human risk management provided by DQG plays a critical role in contributing to Japanese society. This history combined with our many accomplishments is the biggest advantage of DQG.

Another of DQG's strengths is the global network that we've been building since our founding, something which enabled us to constantly expand our business within an international framework.
For example, we began as a pioneer in terms of whistleblowing systems in Japan, but have grown so much as to be called a leader in global report hotline services. The primary asset that brought us this far is our globe-spanning network of law firms. The establishment of our subsidiary DQ Europe in October 2018 (Frankfurt, Germany) also bolsters this network.
By leveraging this global network for all DQG operations, we are able to provide high-quality services on a daily basis.

From the viewpoint of risk management, security is the lifeblood of a company. At DQG, we've implemented comprehensive security measures based on our information-security policy, focusing on the four areas of organization, personnel, technology, and physical access. We established a system for managing our information security and continually maintain and update that system. In addition, we've acquired the ISO27001 [ISMS] certification for information-security management systems related to corporate consulting.

DQG is also an industry leader in innovation. With our third-party whistleblowing system DQ Helpline, for instance, we developed and patented a framework that allows for two-way communication while maintaining the anonymity of reporters.
We are now establishing a division that develops services incorporating technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. We pursue innovation daily for the benefit of people and organizations.