DQ Helpline [Japan]
Services and Operations (Japan)
A system for reporting in Japan

What is DQ Helpline [Japan]?

DQ Helpline [Japan] is a system tailored for reports originating within Japan. This service features lower monetary and operational costs than the standard DQ Helpline that handles both foreign and domestic reporting.

System Advantages

1Through web and phone
In addition to the Web form, the ability to submit reports via telephone can be added to make it more convenient for reporters. Telephone reports submitted in the Japanese language are handled by our Helpline operators certified in areas such as vocational counseling and psychiatric social work, who listen carefully to the report details and input them into the system as proxies.
2Secured system for each report
We create an individual inbox within the system for each report and a unique identifying number is assigned. As additional report details and replies can be entered and verified using the same inbox until the report has been completely handled, two-way communication is achieved while maintaining the anonymity of reporters.
3Keeping anonymity
Since the communication takes place outside your company, the anonymity of reporters is preserved. Even when the reporter or executives or manager are notified via email that there has been a new report, reply, or additional details entered, the email address of the reporter is not disclosed to executives or manager.
4Establishing multiple paths for reports
You can establish multiple reporting paths in accordance with the attributes of reporters and the details of the reports. Each point of contact can be independent or combined to suit the specifics of your operations. We also offer flexible options on the collection side to match particular operational methods, such as the ability to assign multiple people.
Reception times that prevent you from missing reports
In addition to accepting telephone reports outside of working hours, we offer hotlines in English, Chinese, and Korean so that foreign employees can submit reports as well. Support for other languages is also available. For more information, please contact us.
Supported Languages Telephone Web and Postal Mail
Japanese Monday – Friday 9:00~21:00 24 hours a day,
365 days a year.
English Tuesday and Thursday 13:00~21:00
Chinese Tuesday and Thursday 13:00~21:00
Korean Wednesday 13:00~21:00
Many support programs for handling reports
We provide support and consulting services to assist your managers based on the know-how DQ has amassed thus far. You can consult us for advice related to everything from establishing a whistleblowing management system to methods for handling reports, conducting internal investigations to verify facts, and operating a reporting hotline. Please contact us for more information.
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A survey program for verifying the effectiveness and integrity of whistleblowing system
Even if an excellent system and framework for whistleblowing system is established, it won't be effective if your employees are not sufficiently aware of it or if they have concerns about reporting such as a fear of retribution or misgivings about the search for offenders. If you simply wait for reports to arrive under such conditions, you can't discover clues to problems that might lie hidden within your company, such as fraud, compliance violations, and harassment.
DQ Helpline offers a survey program that you can use to verify the effectiveness and integrity of your whistleblowing system. By conducting regular survey to monitor the situation, you can verify your employees' level of awareness regarding their whistleblowing system and perceive problem areas, which will give you clues as to how the system can be made more effective.
These are some of the things we've heard from clients after introducing a whistleblowing system. We even have survey templates packed with DQ know-how. If you aren't sure what sort of survey would be best, you can use our templates to quickly implement effective surveys. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.