IP Research
InterMark, Inc.

One-stop IP research by trademark experts using a trademark database

DQ Group uses our partner company InterMark, Inc. to research information such as the acquisition of intellectual-property rights, which is important for corporate strategy, and whether such rights are being infringed upon, which is a vital question in compliance management. InterMark, Inc. combines its trademark database known as the InterMark System with in-house research conducted by experts to offer all manner of investigations related to trademarks and other intellectual property.

Four reasons to choose InterMark for greatly reducing the amount of work required for trademark research

High-quality foreign trademark investigations with good cost-performance
Native Japanese speakers with over ten years experience working with foreign trademarks utilize a network of major patent law offices in leading regions around the world (Asia, the United States, Europe, Africa, etc.) to conduct fast and high-quality investigations with strong cost-performance, then report that information in an easy-to-understand format.
A global network that covers over 90 countries around the world
Experienced researchers leverage proprietary research tools to efficiently deliver thorough results that are easy to understand.
Highly accurate results that can be used as your reports
Researchers with a wealth of experience use on-site investigations and interviews with relevant individuals to determine and report accurate and fact-based information on the use or disuse of trademarks.
Over 90% of clients are repeat customers
The fastest turnaround in the industry means even urgent and complex cases are no problem.