DQ Helpline
Support Programs

Building a solid operational system is essential for ensuring the effectiveness of a whistleblowing system and using it properly within the compliance management. DQ Helpline provides various support programs to assist you in establishing a workplace environment that maintains compliance, including employee training courses for your entire company or specialized areas, the creation of an operational system, monitoring, and advice about how to handle reports.
Consulting Services
Our consulting services help you understand the efficiency and problem areas of your whistleblowing system so that you can make it more effective, covering everything from advice on establishing a whistleblowing management system to methods for handling reports, conducting internal investigations to verify facts, and operating a reporting hotline.
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Survey Program
DQ Helpline offers a survey program that you can use to verify the effectiveness and integrity of your whistleblowing system. By conducting regular surveys to monitor the situation, you can verify your employees' level of awareness regarding their whistleblowing system and perceive problem areas, which will give you clues as to how the system can be made more effective. Surveys can be conducted either anonymously or with respondents providing their names.
Various Training Programs
In addition to simulated report training, our experts offer a variety of training programs on topics like fraud and harassment prevention. We support your creation of a work environment that maintains compliance.