We provide you with the best risk management solutions.

We specialize in providing Anti-Fraud solutions.

D-Quest Holdings Intelligence

We provide you with the best risk management solutions with specialize in providing Anti-Fraud solutions by Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) which is globally recognized of professional excellence in the anti-fraud profession organization.
D-Quest Holdings, Inc. is a Tokyo-based full-service corporate investigative agency offering due diligence investigations, background checks, and intellectual property rights protection investigations/support, in particular anti-counterfeit measures and infringement investigations.
D-Quest Holdings provides services in risk consulting for developing business.
We have associates in every covers in Asia including Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. .
Our international associates networking reaches across U.S., Europe, Asia allowing us to assist our clients in both individuals and Companies' projects.
CFE’s Fraud Experts

CFE’s Fraud experts provide you with appropriate proposal or advises.
The ACFE JAPAN Affairs Bureau is the only company in Japan that is exclusively operated from the United States ACFE headquarters.

Global Network

We use overseas network to serve you. In addition, we have our own overseas partners network of local law firms, and overseas communication services have also has favorable reception.


To support your global business expansion, our service is available in three languages: Japanese, English and Chinese.